51 minutes | Mar 1st 2021

050 – Kim McCoy Gets Delightfully Bent About Animal Welfare Laws in Hong Kong and Beyond

*** Don't forget to subscribe! ***   Barrister and dedicated animal-welfare advocate Kim McCoy sat with Ran in Hong Kong. They talked shop about photography, how COVID-19 can force a person to launch new projects, and why we must expand our appreciation of animals in our lives.    Specifically, Kim highlighted why he founded the Hong Kong Animal Law and Protection Organisation – HKALPO and the need to mobilize the law to get a lot tougher on animal abuse.    They laughed! They cried! It was better than Cats!  What a fantastic way to bring Season 1 of Shooting it RAW to a close!   ****   Learn more about HK-ALPO at: https://www.hkalpo.com  Join Kim and HK-ALPO on Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/hkalpo/ ****   More from Shooting it RAW: https://www.shooting-it-raw.com/
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