44 minutes | Jan 26th 2021

047 – Asher Chan on Freezing Time to Capture Joy and People at their Best

*** Don't forget to subscribe to the channel! ***   Asher is a self-described perfectionist who found inspiration to take the leap into professional photography when COVID-19 put her and her family in quarantine for two weeks. She kindly invited Ran into her joyous, bright home for a chat and a view into her life.    What communicated loud and clear was Asher's generosity, warmth, surprisingly big heart, and the love of people. It's kind of a must-have if you're aiming at creating meaningful portraits, capturing an event's energy, or making a lasting record of a couple's wedding. Oh, and she's a budding stand-up comic.     - Visit Asher's website at:  https://www.asherchanphotography.com/  - Find more from Shooting it RAW at: https://www.shooting-it-raw.com/
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