54 minutes | Jan 17th 2021

046 - Jo Farrell and What it Takes to Tell Her Story from China to Myanmar to Tibet and Beyond

*** Don't forget to subscribe! ***   Jo and Ran met at Jo's studio in Chai Wan, a massive district at the northern tip of Hong Kong Island. Nestled away in a large industrial building is Jo's studio, where the two exchanged on what it is to dedicate yourself to photography.  In Jo's case, she's been inspired to find and document women from across cultures and how some have gone to what 'we' consider are great, maybe even questionable lengths in the pursuit to attain physical beauty and group acceptance. From women who bind their feet in China to the tribal girls who dart away to get face tattoos in Myanmar, Jo and Ran explored how great beauty to some eyes can seem 'gnarly' and off-putting to another's eyes.     - See more of Jo Farrell's groundbreaking  work:  www.livingHERstoryphotography.com - Follow Jo on Instagram: @jo_farrell_photo - Find Jo on Facebook:  www.facebook.com/jofarrellophotography More from Shooting it RAW: - https://www.shooting-it-raw.com/
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