39 minutes | Dec 25th 2020

043 – Paul Watson on Protecting Biodiversity and Why We Must Stop Accepting Diminishment

*** Don't forget to subscribe! ***     Living legend. Personal hero. Conservation champion. This is Paul Watson.    We met for an inspiring conversation around his work in marine conservation, how Sea Shepherd came to be, how the organization has grown into a thriving worldwide network, and more. At the heart of our greatest challenge, says Paul, is humanity's ability to adapt to a world that is continuously being diminished because of most people's inability to respect how we fit in our incredible biosphere.    How do we know this is true? Unfortunately, the evidence surrounds us. Simply, we need to get our act together.    Listen, learn, be inspired and share!   ****      Learn more about Sea Shepherd's world-renowned and important work here:   https://www.seashepherd.org/  https://seashepherd.org/sea2020/
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