35 minutes | Mar 30th 2020

006 - Scott Duncan on Pushing the Boundaries of Image and Story

Scott Duncan and Ran have a history that goes back to 1994 – when they formed and performed in the spoken word quintet, Fluffy Pagan Echoes. So many years later, Scott recounts where his life has taken him. Trained in film and a working art director, Scott shares how he pushes the limits of his camera gear and his aesthetic. It's all about the mood – the mood! 

  • To view the images from this episode, visit: www.shooting-it-raw.com
  • Visit Scott's website here:  http://scott-duncan.ca/
  • To see more of Scott's inspiring photographs, visit: www.instagram.com/tabularazah

Audio credit: “Magic” by Six Umbrellas from: https://files.freemusicarchive.org/storage-freemusicarchive-org/music/White_Market_Podcast/Six_Umbrellas/Private_Ark/Six_Umbrellas_-_05_-_Magic.

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