10 minutes | May 18, 2021

If selling is awkward, look at your brand values. Part 3 of 4 with Tess

In this LIVE solo episode I talk about how getting clear on your core values makes selling feel way less awkward! If you've struggled feeling natural and confident while selling, this one is for you! Top takeaways: 1️⃣ Selling is so much more than a sales call script or the copy on your product page. 2️⃣ If you’re out of alignment with your own values, you’ll feel awkward. If you feel awkward, your people will feel awkward. 3️⃣ As a business owner, you set the tone for your sales process. If you value humor, make it humorous. If you value integrity, have integrity. If you value impact, make that core to the selling process. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE to watch future solo episodes LIVE!    🖤  Episode details and video can be found at: http://shittyideatime.com    For support & info about starting and growing your small business, join the Shitty Idea Time Business Collective (formerly The Small Business Incubator) or find me on Instagram @shittyideatime  
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