34 minutes | Apr 15, 2021

Decolonizing fitness by running Slow AF, with Martinus Evans

Martinus Evans is a marathon runner, author, run coach, and award-winning speaker who helps plus-size individuals be active without the pressure of weight loss. He is also the host of the 300 Pounds and Running Podcast and the Long Run with Martinus and Latoya Podcast on the 300 Pounds and Running Podcast Network available on all podcast platforms. Martinus is also the founder of the Slow AF Run Club. In this episode Martinus shares how he went from selling suits to creating a vibrant community of runners of all sizes and abilities. We talk about the importance of motivation, mission, and celebration in both fitness and business.   🖤  Episode details and video can be found at: http://shittyideatime.com/48   🖤  Connect with Martinus at: https://members.slowafrunclub.com/ https://www.instagram.com/300poundsandrunning/   For support & info about starting and growing your small business, join the Shitty Idea Time Business Collective (formerly The Small Business Incubator) or find me on Instagram @shittyideatime  
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