59 minutes | Mar 2, 2020

How to save money on UPS & Fedex Parcels

How to Analyze your Parcel Data and Save Money. Do you spend over $100k in parcel shipments per year? This webinar is for you! Learn more about the process of reviewing invoices for invalid charge and other billing inaccuracies.   Topics include: How to optimize your parcel spend Monitor KPIs and parcel savings Hold UPS & Fedex accountable Track unusual changes Analyze surcharges & other fees Optimize parcel contracts This podcast is derived from a question & answer forum recorded in front of a live audience of international shipping, supply chain management, and U.S. Customs compliance professionals.  Our audience submits the questions and we provide the answers. Mention this podcast for a 30-minute free consultation for U.S. Customs Compliance or Supply Chain Optimization and pricing.  Email consulting@scarbrough-intl.com. Visit the Parcel Audit Savings page to download the associated presentation, gain access to other material and information.  Feel free to share this training with your team! For more On Demand Training resources and other topics, https://www.scarbrough-intl.com/ondemandtraining. Episode Webpage:  >> https://www.scarbrough-intl.com/ondemandtraining/parcel-audit/
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