18 minutes | Jul 31, 2020

100% Renewable Europe: Kristian Ruby, Secretary General of Eurelectric

Welcome to Shine On, a podcast presented by SolarPower Europe. In our second podcast series, 100% Renewable Europe, I will talk with key figures representing different sectors of the energy transition about what is needed to reach a 100% renewables-based energy system by 2050. In this episode we hear from Kristian Ruby, Secretary General of Eurelectric, the Union of Europe's Electricity Industry. We discuss what the electricity sector needs to do today to prepare for the huge increase in electrification, as well as the importance of strong sectoral integration. Kristian also recommends some books and authors that help to shed some light on the current energy transition.For more information about SolarPower Europe visit: www.solarpowereurope.orgTo read the report, 100% Renewable Europe, visit: https://www.solarpowereurope.org/new-study-100-renewable-europeJoin the conversation on social media using #ShineOnSolarFor any questions or comments, contact Lukas Clark-Memler: l.clarkmemler@solarpowereurope.orgThanks for listening, and until next time: Shine On! 
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