16 minutes | Jul 15, 2020

100% Renewable Europe: Aristotelis Chantavas, President of SolarPower Europe

Welcome to Shine On, a podcast presented by SolarPower Europe. In our second podcast series, 100% Renewable Europe, I will talk with key figures representing different sectors of the energy transition about what is needed to reach a 100% renewables-based energy system by 2050. In this episode we hear from Aristotelis Chantavas, President of SolarPower Europe, and Head of Europe for Enel Green Power. He introduces SolarPower Europe's ground-breaking report, discusses the benefits of a 100% renewables-bases system, and explores the policy framework necessary for achieving the goals of the European Green Deal.For more information about SolarPower Europe visit: www.solarpowereurope.orgTo read the report, 100% Renewable Europe, visit: https://www.solarpowereurope.org/new-study-100-renewable-europeJoin the conversation on social media using #ShineOnSolarFor any questions or comments, contact Lukas Clark-Memler: l.clarkmemler@solarpowereurope.orgThanks for listening, and until next time: Shine On! 
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