60 minutes | Nov 2nd 2017

Episode 9: Roxane Gay's Hunger

TW: The memoir Hunger includes mentions of sexual assault and eating disorders which may be triggering to survivors.


This week, we discuss Roxane Gay’s Hunger, the ting goes skrah, and watermelon. Also covered: Sheer Mag, Lane Bryant, and Maggie Gyllenhaal’s scarves.


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Mentioned in this episode:


I’m Obsessed: Oprah Thicfrey. Ting Goes Skrah. Big Shaq Strikes Back. Maggie and Her Scarves. Nobody’s Baby by Sheer Mag. Suffer Me by Sheer Mag. Sheer Mag + Gentrification. Fat Women on Stage. Sheer Mag Album Review. Sheer Mag’s Album ‘Need To Feel Your Love.


The Meat Of It: Hunger by Roxane Gay. Roxane’s Outlander Recaps. Guernica Interview. Elle Magazine Interview.


Ask A Fattie: Small Fat Definition. Small Fat Privilege. Rethinking the Spectrum of Fat. When Your Body Doesn’t Qualify.

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