10 minutes | May 20, 2021

The Art of Asking Questions

In episode 48, I've talked about the concept of asking questions, How does this practice impact our growth. Stay Tuned :)  Transcriptions:  Welcome to another podcast episode of Shehraj Singh show, and so we are talking about a very special concept called The Art of Asking Questions. You know, when I started my journey, I ask a lot of questions in many different communities, like I was a very big reveal, but I never, you know, go on ahead and ask questions in YouTube, video comments. So that seems like a little weird. But, you know, I was a very free call while commenting on YouTube. I loved doing it on communities such as Facebook. Are you going to have to ask many any here and there? Even I find my mentor, one of my mentor or using your technique. I mean, not just by asking question here and there. So, you know, when you ask questions like like asking a question is important. First of all, when you ask questions, then there are many people in this world that don't have that answer that you are trying to do. For example, you're you know, for example, you want to write a book now you don't know which you are to document documented, how to outline, how to write it, hard to proofread it, hard to publish it. But there are many other like there is one or two that I'm following and one last one or two to mention, but that I hope I'm spelling. Right. His writing on blogging from Paradise, this blog, you know, the real you know, he published around hundreds of people. So if you directly go to his D.M. and ask him, like, how to publish a book or maybe ask a tweet it out like the studio and say, hey, we want to learn how to write a book, like he will be happy to help you, even if you have many blog right up until this date. Well, you know, I have not probably I'm not a the guy who published so many books I just published to date. But still, I you know, I know they all the process, but I still refer to his guideway because real control is so much awesome regarding that. So I love to keep referring back to it, you know, looking into his dog's archives. And it's totally fun. Going forward, when you go ahead and ask someone else, you know what, you can skip the mistakes. For example, when they started my blog, I have put together a very detailed article regarding that reblogging failure so you can go out on my blog and read that. So I think that Cheryl dot com slash my hateful blog, hateful failure. You can just like I have given thirteen lessons there. What if I started by asking someone like how to start a blog like I need to do this. Do that. No. Yes. No. If I ask those questions at that particular moment. So I would be more successful today. Like I have skipped, I should have skipped the many different parts. And I you know, I joined my mentor when I learned many concepts from him within the span of one, two, one, four, five year, I was making good money from it. That's the reality, right? So that's something I know I love doing, you know, asking about also how you can find how you can do it. So first of all, go ahead and find a community that can help you. So currently, you know, I'm trying to learn podcasting. I'm not very good at even. I think I might episode 47 48. But I have a very big Gary Vaynerchuk fan I don't care about. People just keep on publishing content, keep on publishing until one day you will succeed. Right. So from that. Point of view, I just keep on publishing on my podcast, not that good, but I'm improving. If you go ahead and listen to the episode that I published, I guess in 2019, you know, you will be like, yeah, yeah, you you are so bad at the time that you are. I am 10x improved from that particular moment I lost my English was not good. And then I took English classes to be honest and say I'm not a native speaker so I can create another podcast on that topic as well.
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