56 minutes | Jun 30, 2021

100+ Years of Experience (Haley Paint)

In this episode of the Shed Geek Podcast, we speak with Mike Bahn, Sales Representative for Haley Paint (Your Outdoor Coatings Experts) for over 30 years.

Since 1913, Haley Paint has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of premium-quality finishes for exterior applications. From their headquarters in Lancaster, PA, they serve outdoor structure manufacturers and their customers throughout North America.

100+ Years in the Paint Industry

From their incorporation on July 3, 1913 , Finnaren and Haley now doing business as Haley Paint. They’ve been producing innovative, market driven, purpose built coatings.

Haley Paint has thrived by listening closely to their customers.

Their Mantra is based on the simple yet profound words of a long-time great customer, Amos Lapp, “Make a great product and treat people right.”

To know more about Haley Paint, visit there website here.

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