34 minutes | Nov 18th 2020

Ways to Pursue Your Dream While Still Working Your 9-5

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business, but felt held back by the fear of leaving a secure job? Maybe you wanna create a business so you can have more flexibility in your life, but the idea of leaving what’s comfortable just stresses you out. Or maybe you’ve decided to start a business, but you feel like you’re hitting a wall just trying to get clients and make a profit.  If your head and heart are nodding in agreement right now, then this episode’s for you! Founder and CEO of The Social Bungalow, Shannon Lutz, joins Jordan on the podcast to share her personal story of leaving a 10-year corporate job to pursue her own dream. She's also sharing her best marketing advice for starting a business and booking clients. So get ready to take notes and tune in to learn: How one woman left her job to pursue her career How to use your skills and experience to start a business How to book your first client Whether you need a website before you start How to make money without a large social media following To learn more about Shannon, head over to the thesocialbungalow.com. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.