37 minutes | Aug 26, 2020

Understanding Trademarks & Protecting Your Big Ideas (Ft. Ticora Davis

Are your creative ideas protected?  Do you know if there’s a risk that your customer could be confused between your brand and someone else’s? Is your brand and business name actually available for you to legally use? Do words like, “Intellectual Property,” “Trademark,” and “Copyright” make you break out in hives? Fear not. In this episode, Jordan brought on Ticora Davis, Creative Business Attorney for Experts and Entrepreneurs, to teach us everything we need to know about protecting our brands and our creative souls. She also walks us through the process of creating an IP Protection Plan with ease, among many other helpful legal things.  Tune into learn: The easiest way to find if the trademark you want is available  Why www.trademarknow.com is easier to use than www.USPTO.com Practical steps you can take to avoid being copied Where to share you ideas (and where NOT to share them) And more! If the legal side of entrepreneurship stresses you out, this one conversation is chock full of practical advice that will help you understand the "legalese" so you can rest easy knowing that your work and creative ideas are protected.  To learn more from Ticora, visit her website at www.ticoradavis.com See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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