66 minutes | Jul 8th 2020

Secrets to Uncovering Your Unique Purpose (Ft. Isi Aladejobi)

Women are powerful. We are special. And we have a unique contribution to make to this earth.  But let's just address some of the questions we're all asking: How do we actually *find our purpose* in life, especially when our life feels like a mess? What does it look like to open doors for ourselves AND create opportunities for others? How do we keep the main thing the main thing as we pursue our dreams? Is it possible to be a powerful woman AND a Proverbs 31 wife/mom/etc.? How can we be so undeniably awesome at what we do that moves us forward, propels us forward, and gives us seats at the tables we deserve to be at?  All these questions and more are answered with eloquence by Isi Aladejobi, a career and business strategist. Hit the play button and get ready to be both empowered AND equipped with tools to show up in excellence and make your next move. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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