49 minutes | Sep 23, 2020

Redefining Beauty and Suffering with Strength (Ft. Katherine Wolf)

Have you ever wanted a manual that will just show you how to skip through the painful chapters of your life? Or maybe you’re going through a hard season and you’re asking yourself: How is this my life?  In this episode of SHE, Jordan talks with Katherine Wolf, author of Suffer Strong. After a near-fatal stroke at the age of 26, Katherine shares her own powerful story of loss and healing, and how to build a beautiful life right in the middle of the pain. Tune in to learn: How to find strength in the middle of a painful season and make a beautiful life right where you’re at 3 Ways to embrace your own unique beauty Why it’s important to cultivate who you let speak into your life How to get through suffering together with your spouse Learn more about Katherine on Instagram by following her here. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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