40 minutes | Mar 4, 2020

How to Start Before You're Ready- with Jess Ekstrom


Let that sink in. No, really, let it sink in until you believe it.

It is so essential to understand this one thing: NO ONE started out knowing what they were doing. No one who's built something successful began with a clue of what it would turn into. And no successful person has avoided embarrassing themselves or failure.

But the one key to success they all have in common?

They STARTED. They started small. They rolled up their sleeves and got scrappy.

They were willing to get uncomfortable and put themselves out there.

THIS willingness (not skill or fancy connections) is the one differentiating factor between those who reach their dreams and those who don't.

Tune into this episode to learn keys to starting before you're ready from the one and only Jess Ekstrom, founder of Headbands of Hope, and author of Chasing the Bright Side.

Headbands of Hope is a brand Jess started in college that has grown into a multi-million dollar company in just 7 years. In this conversation, Jess shared her biggest small business mistakes (like wiring $10,000 to a company she never heard back from) and scrappy steps she took to make her dream happen before she had the finances (like convincing Jimmy Johns to sponsor a product photo shoot), and so many more moments that will put you at ease, make you laugh, and give you the courage to stop worrying and just start where you are!

Ready to stop putting your dreams off for a tomorrow that isn't guaranteed?

Hit the play button.

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