31 minutes | Jul 17, 2019

How to Prioritize Discipline and Excellence in a Fast Paced World

You may have heard the common phrase that says, "Done is better than perfect."  In many ways, it holds a lot of truth. When there's something on our hearts or minds to start or do, it is generally better to take action rather than waiting around until everything is perfect to get started. If we try to wait until everything is "perfect," we risk never actually taking action. So, while the intent behind this phrase is good, and is generally true, in today's episode, Jordan challenges us to think about this a little bit more critically when it comes to our craft and our work. Listen in as she shares how a not-so-great experience with the dentist challenged her to consider why applying the "done is better than perfect" mantra to all aspects of our work may not be wise, and a few key lessons we can all learn about the importance of diligence and excellence in our work, rather than rushed or careless action with the focus on simply getting things done.  Get your copy of Own Your Everyday Say hi on social! Instagram Facebook See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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