27 minutes | Jun 10, 2020

Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone (Ft. Liz Warner)

Would you quit your job to run 30 Marathons, in 30 countries, before your 30th birthday all with the goal of raising money for organizations committed to empowering women? Sounds like a pretty BIG step outside a comfort zone, huh? Look, if 2020 has taught us ANYTHING, it's that we need to be willing to get outside of our comfort zone, learn, listen, and take steps to impact the world outside of our own personal bubble. In this episode, Jordan talks with Liz Warner who did JUST that. Liz combined her passions of change-making and adventure and launched Run to Reach, an 18-month marathon fundraising campaign with the goal of running 30 marathons in 30 different countries before turning 30 in June of 2020 - aiming to raise $100,000 to support local, women-empowerment organizations in each country visited. She ventured to far-reaching destinations, like through the central highlands of Afghanistan, across turquoise waters in Yemen, into the depths of small villages in Somalia, and up the rolling foothills of Mt. Everest. Beyond the highlighted mission, her Run to Reach journey also tells the story of a woman who left a comfortable, yet unfulfilling job to embark on an adventure that would exhaust every ounce of her potential. Through her stories, she's been intentional to not only give back but also use social media as a tool to expose people to cultures they may otherwise not be exposed to (Yemen, Afghanistan, etc.). Tune in to learn how we can take first steps outside our comfort zone for the purpose of having a greater impact, and what that may look like in your life.  Learn more about Liz and follow her journey by visiting her website: runtoreach.com or follow her on Instagram: instagram.com/lizwarner. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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