49 minutes | May 27, 2020

Align Your Career with Your Purpose (Ft. Ken Coleman)

Feeling like your career path looks more like a tangled ball of yarn than a straight line?  Has your stable job just been ripped out from under you and now you have no idea what to do? Stuck in a job you don’t like… but not entirely sure what you actually want to do with your life?  Jordan and Ken Coleman to the rescue! Ken is a #1 National Bestselling Author, a Dave Ramsey Personality, and the host of The Ken Coleman Show, a nationally syndicated radio show dedicated to helping people discover what they were born to do and creating a plan to get there. And this is exactly what he’s teaching us how to do. In this episode, Ken lays out the roadmap of the path to your dream job. It’s simple, it’s clear, and it’s highly effective. If you’re feeling a little lost when it comes to your career, whether that’s because you feel out of alignment with your calling or like you just haven’t quite found *your thing*, make sure you hit play and give this episode a listen! For more from Ken, find his book, radio show, and other helpful resources at kencoleman.com. See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
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