42 minutes | May 10, 2021

Who Does Your Strategy Serve? - Ep.6

Dig Deep to Figure Out Who Your Ideal Buyer Is  Knowing who your buyer is and understanding intimately what problems they face is not just a start-up problem. The truth is that not being clear on your ideal buyer can haunt your business at every level—start-up, mid-size and huge corporation!  In today’s episode, we’re going to blow up the myth that your business strategy should serve YOU (don’t get upset with me, just yet!) and get to the bottom of who your ideal buyer is. We will also dive into these frequently asked questions:  Shouldn’t my strategy serve me and my dreams? How do I get more clients I love? What if I’m just starting out? How do I figure out who I want to serve? Can you fire a client?  I have too many clients! How do I do a good job serving them all?     We’re going to cover some common pitfalls you might be facing right now in regards to not being clear on your buyer and how to fix these common mistakes.   Are you a best-kept secret? Once you know who your buyer is, what is the best way to show up in front of them, offer value AND bring them on as a new client? In this episode, we’re going to talk about that, too. Let’s get started!   After hearing this episode, you may decide you want to drill down and figure out exactly who the ideal buyer is for your business. Great! You can download this free Getting Clear on my Buyer Worksheet.  You may also decide you’d like to join me for the next Roadmap Workshop where we flush out our ideal buyer as one of the stops on our road trip to creating a comprehensive strategy for your business! Simply click here to be notified.    What’s In This Episode Tips on finding your ideal buyer  What to do if you’re miserable working with certain clients How to get clear on your ideal client What common pitfalls can haunt your business How to avoid or fix these pitfalls  5 Ways to show up for your buyer   What To Do Next Sign up to be notified when I run the next Roadmap Workshop.  Subscribe to receive this podcast and regular weekly strategies to grow and shape your business. You’ll also be the first to know about upcoming courses, programs and exclusive LIVE training. Connect on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn and share your insights from the show. Join Thought Readers and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs in this popular book club for business owners.   Up Next In the next episode, Shift Your Strategy as Your Business Grows with Ryan Beauchesne, hear how Ryan built a brand and a business around his much-loved Dachshund, Crusoe. Think a blog and a dog isn’t a real business? Think again! And listen in on how he did it.    Resources & Links From the Show: TALK the TALK & WALK the WALK:   Download the free Getting Clear on my Buyer Worksheet. Carve out 20 minutes one day this week to get clear on who your ideal buyer is. No matter the size of your business, this deep thinking about who this person is and what results you can (or already do!) offer them will change the way you see and show up for your clients going forward! It will also crystalize what to say to potential clients and give you ideas on how to talk about your work in terms of the transformation you offer.    Books Mentioned in This Episode Who Not How by Dan Sulivan   Episode Transcript Download The PDF Transcript
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