8 minutes | Apr 11, 2021

Welcome to She Talks Business

Building a business is hard work and all encompassing. There’s no one size fits all, and no perfect way of doing things. She Talks Business dives into all aspects  of what makes a business work—strategy, marketing, finance, operations and more.    Many entrepreneurs fantasize about building a 7-figure business. But reaching that elusive milestone of success can seem unattainable. She Talks Business is a podcast that shares the strategies that are necessary to start and scale your business beyond 7 figures…and keep it there.      Host Lisa Larter, is a serial entrepreneur who has built her own 7-figure business (twice), delves into the nitty-gritty with other business owners, experts, and some of her own clients to help you build a business  that lasts—and one that can afford to pay you.     If you’re a driven entrepreneur aiming to scale your business to the next level, this podcast is for you.  
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