58 minutes | Jun 21, 2021

The Role of Leadership in Your Business Strategy with Jackie Foo - Ep.12

The Role of Leadership In Your Business Strategy – EP. 12   Lead Like Your Business Depends On It. Jackie Foo was my first big boss at Clearnet (before it was Telus) and the way she modelled leadership forever altered the way I lead in my business and coach others to lead in their businesses.    Tune in to hear Jackie and I get real about what it takes to lead, really lead, in your business and how the simple act of learning to bring out the best in people can grow your profit and change the lives of your team members, your clients and impact the legacy you leave. We also talk about how to build the right team to fulfill your business vision and the art of hiring for your gaps.  Hear the story of the first time Jackie sat in on a final warning conversation I had with an employee and how, when the employee left and I was sure I had done a less-than-perfect job, she floored me with her feedback. Learn what Jackie refers to as her 1-10 Rule for giving feedback that not only offers a team member ways to improve, change or refine, but also builds a strong relationship of trust and partnership between you and them.   Do you see mistakes or do you see the good people on your team are doing? Jackie gives fantastic advice on how to train yourself to do both.      What’s In This Episode How to lead in a way that inspires and gets results Jackie Foo’s 1-10 Rule for feedback How to build the right team for your business vision The two things you need to give your team every day Tips for keeping the A players on your team The difference between a ‘busy list’ and a priority list     What To Do Next Click here to get the transcript and all resources from this episode. .
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