35 minutes | May 24, 2021

How To Think About Lead Generation - Ep.8

Humanize How You Attract Clients  Lately, the noise coming out of the online marketing world has me worried that we’re dehumanizing how we attract people to our businesses. In today’s episode, we’re going to look at lead generation in a whole new way! Business is relational, not transactional. That’s why we’re going to pull out from the narrow, microscopic view of lead generation to look at things from the big picture 5 step sales process I use in my business. We’ll look at how to bring a human touch to all five steps so the right people find you, do business with you and become your greatest referral source. This is lead generation on a whole new level!   Hear how over-delivering and customer retention is, in my opinion, the most overlooked and most profitable lead generation strategy a business can have. Lately, UPS has renewed my hope in this strategy. Learn how I almost bankrupted my brand new wireless retail store in trying to follow someone else’s lead generation strategy! I can’t believe I’m sharing this with you, but hey—it’s time we normalized failure, don’t you think? Me, too.  Let’s get started!   After hearing this episode, you may decide you want to drill down and figure out exactly how you can generate new leads and create a sales process to sell to your current clients. Guess what? That is stop #6 on the road map of my Roadmap Strategy Workshop. Want to join the next workshop? Simply click here to be notified.  What’s In This Episode My 5 Step Sales Process (aka the way I think of lead generation) How UPS over-delivered for me The magic question to discover where your leads come from How to calculate your conversion rate Why your current clients are the best leads of all  How to tell if someone is a browser or a lead   What To Do Next Sign up to be notified when I run the next Roadmap Workshop.  Subscribe to receive this podcast and regular weekly strategies to grow and shape your business. You’ll also be the first to know about upcoming courses, programs and exclusive LIVE training. Connect on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn and share your insights from the show. Join Thought Readers and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs in this popular book club for business owners.   Up Next In the next episode, Ashlee Klevens Hayes of RXAshlee in the Hot Seat, hear where Ashlee’s stuck in her business and my coaching on how to hone her marketing to attract her ideal client. Are you making the same messaging mistake Ashlee is? Tune in to find out!    Resources & Links From the ShowTALK the TALK & WALK the WALK: Download the free My Lead Generation Strategy Worksheet Carve out an hour to complete this worksheet to dive deep into how you’re already attracting leads and how many more leads you need to hit this year’s revenue goal!  HINT: Don’t get scared off by the calculations. Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to knowing the numbers in your business. I’m cheering you on!    Blog Posts Mentioned in This Episode Check out these three blog posts How to Get Clients, 3 Ways to Create Meaningful Content and Five Steps to Get More Leads and Clients with LinkedIn for helpful articles on how to attract the right people to your business.   Episode Transcript Download The PDF Transcript .
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