48 minutes | May 3, 2021

How Knowing Your Buyer Can Transform Your Business with Steve Dotto - Ep. 5

How Knowing Your Buyer Can Transform Your Business with Steve Dotto  In this episode, learn how Steve Dotto’s epiphany about what makes him unique and figuring out who his ideal client was, skyrocketed his business and brought a deeper meaning and sense of purpose to his life. In the 1990s and early 2000’s Steve Dotto had his very own tv show and when that wrapped up everyone thought he would retire, but instead this grey-beard dove head-first into the digital world and started a Youtube channel that now has over 3M+ subscribers, an online community with 36,000+ paid members and a business he loves.   Listen in on our rich conversation to hear Steve talk about how NOT having a business strategy when he started out taught him a valuable lesson. You’ll also learn how to connect with your buyer to make your business better, how to have a real impact on people’s lives, how to develop products your customers NEED and WANT and how to change up your marketing message for different generations (Baby Boomers, gen X, Millennials..etc).   What’s in This Episode How to go from creating content to building a profitable business Tips on starting an online business  How to take something you love to do and start an online business  Why invitation marketing works Why creating high quality content and being generous pays off Finding out how knowing your uniqueness is your greatest asset   Advice on how to talk to a Baby Boomer or Gen Xer    What To Do Next Subscribe to receive this podcast and regular weekly strategies to grow and shape your business. You’ll also be the first to know about upcoming courses, programs and exclusive LIVE training. Connect on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn and share your insights from the show. Join Thought Readers and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs in this popular book club for business owners.   Up Next NOT being clear on who your buyer is can haunt your business at every level - start-up, mid-size and huge corporation!  In episode 6, we’re going to delve into what can go wrong when you’re unclear on who your ideal client is and how to fix it no matter the size of your business. We’re also going to cover how to get clear on your buyer and how to show up to serve them. Who Does Your Strategy Serve? Who is Your Buyer? – EP. 6   Resources & Links From the Show TALK THE TALK & WALK THE WALK: Download the free Getting Clear on My Buyer Worksheet pdf. Carve out 5-10 minutes every day this week to delve into who your ideal client is and answer the probing questions. Let this deep thinking time be an honest evaluation of who you like working with, how you solve their problems and the results your clients are getting. Hint: Once you’re clear on who you serve, create content consistently that helps solve their problems. Offer value. Be generous. Build your business.    Where to Find Steve Dotto You can connect with Steve on his website or Facebook And, be sure to check out his Youtube channel, Dotto Tech   Episode Transcript Download The PDF Transcript CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE FULL TRANSCRIPT
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