57 minutes | Jun 14, 2021

Betting It All on Instagram with Sue B. Zimmerman – Ep.11

Betting It All on Instagram with Sue B. Zimmerman – EP. 11   Build Your Business with Influence   You probably know her as the go-to expert for all things Instagram, but did you know Sue B. Zimmerman is a serial entrepreneur whose first business hit 7 figures at the age of 22? In fact, she was busy running a retail store in Cape Cod when she was struck with the idea to become the Instagram expert and has since built a 7 figure business around the platform.       In this episode, learn the 3 reasons why Sue B. fell in love with Instagram and how she manifested being the world’s leading expert. You’ll also hear about the secret tool Sue B. relies on to build and manage her dream team, which includes her very own daughter, Morgan. Think you could work side by side with your son or daughter? Sue lets us in on how they do it.     Is generosity a business strategy? It is. Hear how generosity and bringing people joy, without expectation, can be an effective strategy, not to mention a great way to show up and be yourself inside your own business.      Listen in as Sue B. shares how she learned the difference between ‘the hobbyist’ and her ideal client the hard way. Sue tells us what she had to change in her business to attract the right people and move away from hobbyists sucking her time and energy. You’ll also hear the crazy story of SBZ Enterprise’s Facebook ad account being shut down and how her team had to pivot to keep revenue from drying up.      What’s in This Episode How to build a 7-figure business around a social media platform Tips on how to shake off “hobbyists” and attract your ideal client instead How to identify the red flags that a team member is not the right fit for your business Generosity as a business strategy What tool Sue B. relies on to help her manage her team What to do when Facebook shuts down your ad account  Advice on letting a team member go     What To Do Next Sign up to be notified when I run the next Roadmap Workshop.  Subscribe to receive this podcast and regular weekly strategies to grow and shape your business. You’ll also be the first to know about upcoming courses, programs and exclusive LIVE training. Connect on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn and share your insights from the show. Join Thought Readers and connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs in this popular book club for business owners.     Up Next   Wondering where Marketing Fits into Your Business Strategy? In episode 12, we jump into the deep end of the subject and demystify how to build out a marketing strategy that will support your big dream! Tune in to find out what it’s going to take and learn a few shortcuts to getting there.      Books Mentioned in This Episode Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman and Mark C. Winters     Where to Find Sue Zimmerman You can connect with Sue on Instagram (of course!), Facebook or her website. And, don’t forget to check out her Youtube channel! The Sue B. manifesting video that started it all.      Episode Transcript Download The PDF Transcript .    
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