57 minutes | Sep 16, 2021

S8 E6: Awaken Your Queen Code with Falak Shaiikh

“I love myself more than any other thing, I keep myself as a priority for me, I choose to honor myself first!” – Falak Shaiikh During Season 8 Episode 6 of WinHers United the podcast Falak Shaiikh, CEO of Falak Shaiikh, talks to us about unblocking subconscious beliefs, love addiction, co-dependency, and how perception shapes our views. She also shares insight on vibrational frequencies, learning to let go so we can make room for more, and the importance of being true to ourselves. Episode Highlights (3:05) Falak tells us more about her company’s mission statement and how she helps her clients (5:34) Falak talks about subconscious beliefs, and how they can block success (9:23) Falak shares her insight on the origins and patterns of love addiction (12:26) Falak discusses having a fear of intimacy (15:48) Falak explains light language and energetic vibration (19:15) Falak gives us insight into healing from a scientific perspective (22:15) Falak tells us how to raise our vibrations (24:27) Falak talks about the mindset shifts she experienced when she relocated from India to Canada, and from transitioned from being a doctor to a healer (27:23) Falak shares her insight on ego satisfaction vs. soul’s calling (33:50) Falak discusses the mindset practices she uses to show up as her best self (35:24) Falak explains Dow Hands Healing (36:59) Falak offers us advice on personal development (40:00) Falak gives us her definition of self-love and tells us how she practices it (43:08) Falak’s favorite quote is “Nobody can take care of you, as you can take care of yourself”, listen to learn why she loves this quotes and feels we should embrace it also (49:31) Falak tells us about her latest win and why it is important to her (51:08) Falak gives us her definition of a WinHer (53:52) Falak offers her parting words of wisdom Falak’s Bio Falak Shaaikh is a healer, a homoeopath, an author, a wife and a mother of two beautiful kids. As a doctor of homoeopathy and an Energy Healer she has been engaging in the healing and personal transformation industry for more than 15 years. Falak helps men and women heal, grow and transform into best versions of their self, and live life in abundance with soulful loving relationships. Falak qualified as an MD in homoeopathy, and started her career as a doctor of Homoeopathy in India, where she was born and raised. Later in her practice she received certifications in various healing modalities such as Theta Healing, Reiki, EFT, Access Bars, Angel Therapy, Prana Violet Healing, Crystal Healing, Sixth Sense Healing, Ancestral Healing, Transgenerational Healing and Family Constellations. Falak is also an internationally certified Yoga Instructor, and a channel of Light Language and light codes. She brings Science and Intuitive Energy healing together to help her clients heal and transform. Falak’s book "The Soulmate Mantra" is a woman's guide to find love. It's a book to help women bring in change within themselves and helps them find a soulful loving relationship. Falak is really passionate about working with women by empowering them to rise in their divine feminine essence and power. Falak now lives in Toronto, Canada with her Soulmate and beautiful kids. She has been fortunate enough to create an extraordinary life for herself and constantly works on to heal and grow. Falak wants everyone to do the same in their own unique way. Check out Falak’s website at: http://falakshaiikh.com Order a copy of Falak’s Book “The Soutmate Mantra” here: http://bit.ly/The-Soulmate-Mantra How to stay engaged with and support Nicole Walker and WinHers United If you have any suggested questions or topics for WinHers United the podcast send an email to: winhersunited@gmail.com. If you are an aspiring or newbie podcaster Nicole would love to help you on your journey. Schedule a Podcast Launch Consultation Session with Nicole using this link: http://bit.ly/WinHers-PodCall. If you want to support to show send your donation to: CashApp: $winhersunited http://buymeacoffee.com/winhersunited Follow Nicole on Clubhouse @winhersunited. Check out the WinHers United website at: http://winhersunited.com. As always "Be Empowered and Empower On" - Nicole Walker
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