52 minutes | Aug 12, 2021

S8 E4: Communication Builds a Solid Foundation with MaKara Rumley

 “You have to let people know how it resonates, how it connects, and why they should care.” – MaKara Rumley During Season 8 Episode 4 of WinHers United the podcast MaKara Rumley, CEO of Hummingbird Firm, talks to us about engaging others via open communication. She also shares insight on the residual effects of operating in excellence, the importance of simplicity to convey a clear brand message, and having a strategy plan for your business. By listening to this episode you will learn more about relationship mapping, avoiding perfection paralysis, and how failure often leads to success. Episode Highlights (3:08) MaKara discusses the focus of her business, Hummingbird Firm (5:12) MaKara shares her views on the importance of open communication within business (8:33) MaKara has done an excellent job with the brand messaging of her company, and offers her advice on how others can do the same (10:53) MaKara talks about cultivating relationship maps to acquire new clients and making meaningful connections (16:17) MaKara discusses failure in entrepreneurship (17:54) MaKara shares her views on having clear intentions (21:07) MaKara gives us examples of how we can set clear intentions personally and professionally (24:22) Find out MaKara’s view on personal development and how she develops herself (30:40) MaKara talks about how often she pursues personal development opportunities, and the importance of implementing what you learn (33:08) MaKara sheds light on women’s struggle with perfection paralysis   (35:48) MaKara tells us why she makes self-care a priority, and what she does for self-care (39:41) Find out about MaKara’s favorite self-care practice (42:11) MaKara tells us about her latest win and why it is important to her (46:24) MaKara gives us her definition of a WinHer MaKara’s Bio MaKara Rumley, Esq., is more than an experienced community engagement strategist; she is an important thought leader related to the environment, education, the green economy, and public health. She has a knack for identifying what makes each stakeholder successful and leading the charge for how everyone can win. It takes the private and public sector as well as community viewpoints to reach a project’s full benefit potential. She has produced identifiable results during her work at the Environmental Protection Agency as the Senior Advisor on Community Engagement with the Regional Administrator, as an Environmental Attorney with GreenLaw, and as a consistent lecturer and presenter on cultural competency and community engagement. She is a graduate of George Washington University Law School and received her undergraduate degree from Spelman College. Mrs. Rumley has a track record of achievement and has a results oriented drive to meeting milestones. She is committed to the use of qualitative as well as quantitative measurements to truly evaluate connectivity to target constituents. To learn more about MaKara’s business, Hummingbird Firm visit: http://hummingbirdfirm.com To check out MaKara’s book Modern-Day Strategies for Community Engagement: How to Effectively Build Bridges Between People and the Bottom Line, click HERE. To check out MaKara’s YouTube channel click HERE. How to stay engaged with and support Nicole Walker and WinHers United If you have any suggested questions or topics for WinHers United the podcast send an email to: winhersunited@gmail.com. If you are an aspiring or newbie podcaster Nicole would love to help you on your journey. Schedule a Podcast Launch Consultation Session with Nicole using this link: http://bit.ly/WinHers-PodCall. If you want to support to show send your donation to: CashApp: $winhersunited http://buymeacoffee.com/winhersunited Follow Nicole on Clubhouse @winhersunited. Check out the WinHers United website at: http://winhersunited.com. As always "Be Empowered and Empower On" - Nicole Walker
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