50 minutes | Mar 5, 2021

S7 E10: Getting Through the Turbulence with Satwinder Isser

Life is filled with ups and downs, and it is pivotal for us to hold on while we go through. Satwinder Isser found herself by helping others, and doing the inner work needed while she was going through tough times. Satwinder is a Coach Healer who leads coaches and healers into transformation via her company She Rise Academy. Satwinder stopped by WinHers United the podcast to enlighten us on her journey, offer her insight, and give us tools to be and do better. Satwinder believes in and emphasizes the importance of getting rid of the old so we can make room for the new. During this episode Satwinder shares her story of Getting Through the Turbulance. Are you effectively navigating the turbulence of life, or have you allowed life to get you down? Episode Highlights (2:54) Satwinder discusses her background and lets us know what she is currently up to (3:46) Satwinder tells us how she ended up in her current profession    (6:06) Satwinder shares her experiences growing up and what she learned from them (7:46) Satwinder gets vulnerable and shares a story she never shared before (12:16) Satwinder discusses the spiritual awakening than lead to her helping others (19:40) Satwinder encourages us to be okay with the mysteries of life (23:00) Satwinder went from wanting to end her business to rebranding her company (28:39) Satwinder talks about getting comfortable with views/opinions that may be controversial (36:58) Satwinder shares her view on positive affirmations, and what is needed for them to really work (43:24) Satwinder tells us about her favorite quote and the importance of finding barriers in our lives (45:00) Learn about Satwinder’s travel experiences and goals Interview Quotes “It’s the inner journey I need to take to find myself in order to not compare myself to others, not to be jealous about others, and not to be impatient about life and what I want to achieve in life.” – Satwinder Isser “There is always something to work on, if one thing is getting healed the other will show up.” – Satwinder Isser “Be okay with the mystery” – Satwinder Isser Satwinder’s Bio Satwinder Isser is the founder of She Rise Academy. She helps new and seasoned professionals with master-level facilitation, healing and coaching skills so that they can respond masterfully and powerfully to the issues their clients bring to them.  Personally, Satwinder is a devoted wife and mother of three beautiful kids. Professionally she is a women empowerment and leadership coach, a healer, and a passionate advocate of women’s healing, leadership, and empowerment. Satwinder is committed to the rise of socially and spiritually conscious feminine leaders, heart-centered leadership in the world. She believes that seeding circles and empowering women all over the world is the most effective path to support her mission. How to stay engaged with Nicole Walker and WinHers United If you are interested in joining or learning more about the WinHers United Membership Group send Nicole an email at winhersunited@gmail.com. If you are an aspiring or newbie podcaster Nicole would love to help you on your journey. Schedule a Podcast Launch Consultation Session with Nicole using this link: http://bit.ly/WinHers-PodCall. Follow Nicole on Clubhouse @winhersunited. Check out the WinHers United website at: http://winhersunited.com. As always "Be Empowered and Empower On" - Nicole Walker
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