29 minutes | Apr 19, 2021

33. Parts of my journey I haven't shared until now...

With this episode being a quite different to the others I've decided to not put the typical introduction at the start. Even though I've shared a lot over the last decade of doing this work, there's still so much more that I haven't.  Its hard to condense the pivotal moments into a half an hour chat - and I'm aware that there's still so much that I've left out.  For example, I've intentionally not gone into any more  detail of what happened at home when I was young. Although I shared one thing to give a glimpse into the level of what we were experiencing, I decided that any further detail was unnecessary (and would be upsetting for some people to hear). Anyway, I did my best. I know there's still a lot left out, but this is the core bits of what has shaped me and sent me along this path in doing what I'm doing today...CONNECT WITH ME ON NEW INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/katerubyarohaI'm also on Facebook over at www.facebook.com/katerubyarohaOr you can check out my website: www.katerubyaroha.comWANT TO CHECK OUT SHE LEADS LIVE???Our SHE LEADS LIVE Instagram page is www.instagram.com/sheleadslive Flick us a DM there if you want to get on the waitlist for our next event
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