10 minutes | Apr 8, 2021

31. Your brain is not telling you the truth

On this episode we're talking about THE TRAP OF MASTERY!!! This is something I see that comes up so often with the (incredibly talented) women that I coach... We're talking about... Why award-winning director Peter Jackson catch watch his own moviesHow your brain is actually NOT telling you the truthNot using your gifts in the world is a big lossCONNECT WITH ME ON INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/katerubyaroha I'm also on Facebook over at www.facebook.com/katerubyarohaOr you can check out my website: www.katerubyaroha.com WANT TO CHECK OUT SHE LEADS LIVE??? Our SHE LEADS LIVE Instagram page is www.instagram.com/sheleadslive Flick us a DM there if you want to get on the waitlist for our next event
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