47 minutes | Mar 30, 2021

Ep #69: The Art of Money: What Stops Us From Receiving with Julie Foucht

In today’s episode we explore:How to remove the blocks that are in the way of you receiving money and abundance,How to bring your vibrational level up, to fill your programs and sell out your products, andJulie reveals to us a critical message that money has for you right now.References:Listen to my first interview with Julie HERE.Listen to my interview with Gull Khan HERE.Listen to my interview with Sarah McCrum HERE.Resources:Get the "The Art of Feminine marketing guide" HERE.Listen to Julie's high vibe playlist HERE.Follow Julie on Facebook HERE.Follow Julie on Instagram HERE.Download your FREE Checklist to Being Seen HERE – And remove the 5 visibility blocks preventing your ideal clients from finding you.Join our community at She Grows Nation of over 1000 soul guided entrepreneurs HERE.
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