32 minutes | Apr 7, 2015

SDH 013: Stop, Collaborate & Listen with Melissa Jones

Melissa Jones is the Chief Encouragement Officer at theCEOffice, a management consulting boutique with a goal to create opportunities for creative entrepreneurs and small business owners to flourish and be successful. Along with running her consulting business, Melissa runs the very popular Creative Chic Coffee and Collaborations events, a unique and intimate networking event for creative female entrepreneurs.

“Seeing women support each other. That’s where my excitement comes from.”

Melissa started in corporate America when she was 19 and moved to management upon turning 21. She has 13 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies leading teams and honing business and management skills.

She attended 2 creative conferences that were catalysts in her decision to move forward with starting her own business. She spotted a need within the small business industry for assistance with building strong teams and took her skills from CA and applies them to small businesses.

Creative Chics: A monthly networking event (4th Saturday of every month) that allows creative entrepreneurs and small business owners to come together and collaborate.

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