53 minutes | May 22nd 2020

Investing in Houses and Hotels with Heather O'Brien

Whitney  talks to Heather O'Brien today on the She Buys It Podcast. Heather went  from a 9-9 corporate job to starting her own business and flipping 29  houses a MONTH.

Heather fell into real estate investing with the help of her friends.  She bought a 3-bedroom townhouse for $450,000. She was single and  rented out a room through Craigslist.

She read a book called Loopholes of the Rich and decided to quit her  job. She started her business and used her other bedroom as an office,  though she was gone a lot for her work. A friend of hers who she had  lectured about finances called her up and asked if she could rent the  room from her. Heather moved her office to her master bedroom and her  friend moved in.

Heather ended up taking a client to the Netherlands. Since she wasn't  living at her house, another friend called and asked her if he could  rent her master bedroom. She agreed and he moved in.

She moved to Scotland to work with a client, met her husband in New  Orleans, and moved to Chicago for her next client. She found out that  the houses were so much cheaper to buy and could be rented for a fair  amount. In Charlotte, NC, she bought two houses and found a property  management company to manage them.

Listen in as Whitney and Heather discuss moving to Puerto Rico,  investing in houses and hotels, and designing and implementing your  perfect day.

You can connect with Heather at Lifestyle Workweek.


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