70 minutes | Feb 17th 2021

True Lies (1994)

Years of Shat The Movies debate were finally settled this week when Ash, Big D, and Gene carefully studied the Jamie Lee Curtis striptease in "True Lies." The song playing in the background wasn't "Leave Your Hat On" or "Cream." Ash was right: It's "Alone in the Dark." This Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron team-up was the first movie with a $100 million budget, reinvigorated Tom Arnold's career, and might be Bill Paxton's greatest role. The Shat Crew discusses shitty husbands, nuclear fallout, terrorist tactics, when to deliver the punchline, and the unforgettable Crimson Jihad. SUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW Android: http://shatthemovies.com/android Apple/iTunes: http://shatthemovies.com/itunes Social Media: Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat Website: http://shatthemovies.com/ HELP SUPPORT THE PODCAST Donate with Paypal: http://shatthemovies.com/paypal Donate With Venmo: https://venmo.com/shatpodcasts Get Podcast Merchandise: http://shatthemovies.com/shop Shop Amazon With Our Affiliate Link: https://www.amazon.com/?tag=shatmovies-20 Sponsor's Listener Survey: http://shatthemovies.com/survey Leave an iTunes Review: http://shatthemovies.com/review Vote for our Next Movies: http://shatthemovies.com/vote Feeds & Social Media: http://shatthemovies.com/subscribe-and-follow Leave a Voicemail: (914) 719-SHAT - (914) 719-7428 Email: hosts@shatthemovies.com Listen to our TV Podcasts: https://shatontv.com/shat-on-podcasts Theme Song - Die Hard by Guyz Nite: https://www.facebook.com/guyznite
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