11 minutes | Dec 21st 2017

Advent Marian Meditations: The Nativity

This is the fourth and final episode of our Advent Marian Meditation series. In this podcast, we reflect on the Nativity. We invite you to take some time away from the busy-ness of shopping and Christmas parties to reflect on the mystery we celebrate: God becoming flesh and dwelling among us, all through the cooperation of a young woman.

This podcast features a Scripture reading, reflection questions, and soothing music to lead you deeper into prayer. Our regular podcast of stories shared by Marianists will continue after the new year.

Host: Sr. Gabby Bibeau, FMI Scripture Reading: Bro. Tom Redmond, SM

The reflection on Scripture was taken from the book "Enfleshing the Word: Prayer and the Marianist Spiritual Journey" by Enrique Aguilera, SM and Jose Maria Arnaiz, SM. Copies can be purchased from the NACMS bookstore: nacms.org/bookstore/enfleshing-word

Music credits (in order): "Emmanuel" by Jon Sayles "The Curious Roe" by Axletree "Surface Tension 3" by Podington Bear "Nirvana VEVO" by Chris Zabriskie "Holding Hands" by Podington Bear "Little Babe Born of Mary (James Kevin Gray)" by Oxford Academic (OUP) All songs used with permission