26 minutes | Jun 22nd 2020

How to be Prepared for a Crisis with Prof. Frederik Wenz, MD | Christoph Zindel

In times of crisis, one of the best advantages an organization can have is to be prepared. Readiness doesn’t just mean knowing what to expect. It’s really about having efficient processes, transparency, and open communication already in place, so that when a crisis strikes, you’re used to performing your job in a way that seamlessly adapts in an emergency. Our guest today is Dr. Frederik Wenz, President and CEO of the University Hospital in Freiburg, Germany. He began his career in Heidelberg at the German Cancer Center, eventually specializing in Radio-oncology and Therapy. He then transferred to Manheim University Hospital as CEO, where he established the Department of Radiotherapy and Radio-oncology.  Dr. Frederik Wenz joined Freiburg University in January 2019. Freiburg is not only one of the largest universities in Europe, it's also recognized as one of the most technologically innovative hospitals in the world, offering advanced modern technical support. Their use of telemedicine and teleradiology allows patients from anywhere in the world to access highly qualified specialists.  Today we discuss how systems the hospital already had in place gave them a unique advantage in operating efficiently during the height of COVID-19.  Some Questions We Ask: What methods did your hospital take when the crisis hit? (2:31) How did you manage communication through the crisis? (5:04) Do you see anything that will change permanently in your hospital as a result of COVID-19? (14:17) How can we better prepare for the future? (19:28) How has the pandemic affected your life? (22:49) What advice do you have for people listening? (24:01) In this Episode, you will Learn:  One unique way to manage company communication (5:29) How remote scanning played a role in their operations (7:59) Why cross-border relationships are important in times of crisis (11:51) The 3 most important things learned during the crisis (16:32) How the crisis has changed the way the hospital interacts with patients (21:22)  Learn more about Dr. Frederik Wenz:EmailResearchGateSiemens Healthineers See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
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