18 minutes | Jul 1, 2021

The 3 Keys to a Successful Retirement: Part 1 of 4 with Susan Bradley

In the first installment of Ross Marino's talk with Susan Bradley, co-authors of the book “Shaping Change”, they discuss the three key components to a successful retirement. Help your clients prepare for anything that might come their way and handle unforeseen changes as they plan for retirement by using the three C’s: Community, Control and Contribution.CommunityThe human side of retirement revolves around community. Humans are social creatures, but during retirement, you may lose the connections that you had in your working life. Like physical health, maintaining your mental health is necessary to thrive, which makes building relationships and being part of a community so vital for a fulfilling retirement.ControlAs you transition into retirement, you have the ability to use your time, budget and energy for what is most important to maintain your health and happiness. Be sure to set boundaries and be honest with those around you.ContributionIt is important to live with purpose and be fulfilled with what you do. Not everyone knows what will be meaningful for them as they transition into retirement. Sometimes it takes creativity and courage to try new things and find out what brings meaning to your life.Significant events require big decisions, and big decisions require a process.There is no new beginning without an ending.Learn about The Retirement & Longevity SummitGet your copy of "Shaping Change" Connect With A2X Social:FacebookLinkedInInstagramTwitterLearn More About Advisor2X©Advisor2X. All Rights Reserved.
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