19 minutes | Jul 1, 2021

The 2 Views of Retirement: Part 2 of 4 with Susan Bradley

In the second installment of Ross Marino's talk with Susan Bradley, both co-authors of the book “Shaping Change”, discuss how to help your clients find a balance between past expectations for retirement and new, unexpected opportunities that can greatly improve quality of life.Old ViewFinancially, people used to rely on their pension and investments for their retirement income. Once they hit 65, the magical age for retirement, they envisioned themselves doing nothing but playing golf and spending time with family and friends. This old view is now being replaced by new ideas of what retirement can be.New View There is no set way to live this new chapter of your life. This can feel daunting, but with creativity, curiosity, and flexibility you can find ways to make this the BEST chapter of your life. Finding new activities and alternate sources of income can bring new meaning to your time in retirement.Get ready for uncertainty--this is a time to explore! Life will never be the same, and neither will you.Learn about The Retirement & Longevity SummitGet your copy of "Shaping Change"Connect With A2X Social:FacebookLinkedInInstagramTwitterLearn More About Advisor2X©Advisor2X. All Rights Reserved.
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