22 minutes | Jul 1, 2021

Seeking Flow in Retirement: Part 3 of 4 with Susan Bradley

In the third installment with Susan Bradley, Ross Marino and Susan, co-authors of the book “Shaping Change”, discuss the four characteristics of activities that can successfully employ these keys so you can help your clients make the best of their time after retirement.Activities should be: Routine - Explore and partiipate in regularly scheduled, repeatable activities that become a part of your lifestyle.Social - Avoid isolation, gain perspective, and maintain your mental health with new and consistent social interaction.Challenging - Choosing activities that are too easy, comfortable or familiar may result in boredom. Choose activities that require some effort--whether mental or physical.Measurable - Set your own criteria for satisfying activities and make sure they are worth the time and money you spend on them.Why do these characteristics matter? When we’re not engaged in fulfilling activities, we’re more apt to become bored or spend extra money--but retirement is a journey, not a race. Remember to give yourself the room to try, reflect, adjust.Learn about the Retirement & Longevity SummitGet your copy of "Shaping Change"Connect With A2X Social:FacebookLinkedInInstagramTwitterLearn More About Advisor2X©Advisor2X. All Rights Reserved.
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