36 minutes | Aug 25, 2021

Interview with Taylor Schulte: Finding Your Financial Planning Niche

Ross Marino talks with Taylor Schulte, Founder & Financial Planner at Define Financial, about finding his niche in retirement planning and the ups and downs of shifting into that niche. In the interview they discuss client deliverables, Michael Kitces’s views on how retirees spend money, and content creation as a tool for financial advisor marketing.Connect with Taylor Schulte:WebsiteExperiments in Advisor Marketing PodcastLinkedInTwitterLearn more about Define Financial:WebsiteLinkedIn"Why Most Retirees Will Never Spend Down Their Portfolio" by Michael KitcesGet your copy of "Shaping Change"Connect With A2X Social:FacebookLinkedInInstagramTwitterLearn More About Advisor2X©Advisor2X. All Rights Reserved.
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