19 minutes | Jul 1, 2021

3 Big Questions When Transitioning Into Retirement: Part 4 of 4 with Susan Bradley

In the fourth installment with Susan Bradley, Ross Marino and Susan, co-authors of the book “Shaping Change”, talk about the questions your clients should consider regarding what is important to them while planning for this transition. Seeking out activities that can be routine, social, challenging, and measurable, allow you to have a successful flow transitioning into retirement. Ask yourself:What do I need to protect? What aspects of your working life or former life are priorities? What do I need to let go of? This can include anything from tangible items to memberships and activities that no longer fulfill you or fit into your new life.What do I need to create? Retirement is a new beginning. Whether you need more time in your day, or activities to fill that time, you can find new and exciting ways to make it happen.What goes, what stays, what gets created and what is the top priority to protect?Learn about The Retirement & Longevity SummitGet your copy of "Shaping Change"Connect With A2X Social:FacebookLinkedInInstagramTwitterLearn More About Advisor2X©Advisor2X. All Rights Reserved.
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