32 minutes | Apr 4, 2021

Stimulating Children’s Minds Through Inclusive Kitchen Utensils with Marci Heit, Founder of Q.D. Foodie

Marci Heit is a professional voice-over artist, writer, and founder of Q.D. Foodie, an innovative line of kitchen utensils that aims to be inclusive and welcoming for all children. We were excited to have Marci on the show to discuss the story behind Q.D. Foodie and how her brand is helping stimulate children’s minds in the kitchen. Marci opened up about her previous volunteer experience as a puppeteer and how this inspired her to embrace all kinds of people. We asked her about the creative process and innovative designs behind the ingenious kitchen tool set. You will also learn how Marci launched her career as a voice-over artist. Marci also shared helpful advice for selling products on Amazon.

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