35 minutes | Mar 28, 2021

How Food Allergies Inspired My Entrepreneurial Journey with Meg Nohe, CMO for Allergy Amulet

Meg Nohe is Chief Marketing Officer for Allergy Amulet, the world’s smallest & fastest consumer food allergen sensor. Meg joined the podcast to share her food allergy journey and how she became involved with the company. We kicked off the episode by discussing her daughter’s multiple food allergies and how this inspired Meg to start her career in the food allergy space. Meg also shared details about her allergies as well as her background in food allergy advocacy and allergy training. In this episode, you’ll get the inside scoop on Allergy Amulet’s innovative technology. Discover how their sensor works and their future company goals. Finally, Meg shared helpful advice for food allergy parents, food-allergic adults, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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