32 minutes | Mar 11, 2021

Embracing Your Food Allergies & Building Self-Confidence with Sarah Ackerman, Founder of Girl Behind the Hive

Growing up with multiple food allergies is challenging. Our latest guest, Sarah Ackerman, has had anaphylactic food allergies since she was a year and a half old. Sarah launched her blog, Girl Behind the Hive, to share her experiences navigating life with food allergies and to also provide resources for the food allergic community. We were excited to have her on the show to discuss her story. During the episode, we explored the importance of self-advocacy. Sarah shared how her parents encouraged her to have an active role in managing her allergies. She later opened about her experience dating with food allergies. We also talked about Sarah's involvement with FARE and her passion for pushing legislative changes that improve the lives of those with food allergies. Finally, we talked about her experience as a child actor and starring on popular shows like 30 Rock.

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