10 minutes | Oct 24, 2020

The Psychology of Why People Do/Don't Vote

This episode explores the factors and influences that explain why Americans choose to or not to vote. Shaleece explores the theories that have been posed as well as mentioning facts about voter behavior. This election is different as most of America is in quarantine, but Shaleece provides some helpful tips from the CDC to ensure safety while voting. How to find your political party:https://www.isidewith.com/Resources used:Why Do We Vote?The APA (American Psychological Association)  The Psychology of Voting John A. KrosnickProfessor of Psychology and political science at Ohio State University Electoral Psychology: Why People Vote...or Do Not Vote Medical News Today Contact:shamelesslyspeaking@gmail.com@shamelessshaleece @shameless.lyspeakingShamelessly Speaking on Facebook 
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