17 minutes | Aug 18th 2020

Shining A Light On The Shadow with Anahata Ananda

We are being invited to evolve and raise the consciousness of humanity so we can sustain living in harmony with each other and our beautiful Earth. The darkest aspects of our most unconscious behavior is rising to the surface to be illuminated and transformed. I know it’s intense to look at. We’re seeing it all over the place — violence, hatred, sexual distortion, hunger and greed. Yet, here we are, courageously facing the darkness, rising together, supporting each other and finding new solutions. There is hope.

lluminating our weaknesses only makes us stronger. These times are not only showing us the collective shadow of humanity but also inviting us each individually to face our own addictions, unhealthy habits, core wounds and insecurities. I’m right here going through it too. You see, 2020 is about clarity and quantum growth. You came here at this time to be part of the new paradigm. That which is not sustainable is rising to the surface. New pathways are being forged and YOU are an important part of that.

Trust the process. Ask for and receive the support you need. Find your tribe. Surrender attachments. Be willing to learn new things and believe in yourself.

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