63 minutes | Aug 5, 2019

JP Sears Align With Authentic Life Purpose

“Ultra Spiritual” Comedian JP Sears on embracing authenticity, individuating from social expectations, the need for down time and the traps of spiritual bypassing. We dive into the value of finding your own authentic life purpose by following your truth, your joy and trusting your intuition. How it is necessary and liberating to individuate from family and societal expectations. During these challenging times, it is so valuable to engage the medicine of humor and integrating the playful inner child back into your life in healthy ways. In order to experience spiritual growth, when processing emotional wounding, how to courageously do your shadow work and honor your emotional process. The traps of spiritual bypassing and the way the ego avoids authentic feelings and inner truth projecting false loving façade. In these busy times, how we can evolve the old paradigm currency of hustle, stress and external validation and prioritize “White Space” aka down time for replenishment and newfound inspiration.

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Anahata on JP’s Podcast Episode #41 “Outgrowing Who you Were”:


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