79 minutes | Oct 28th 2020

Courageous Living & Trading Good for Great with Angie Lee

Your dream life is waiting for just beyond your fears. What would you do if fear were not an issue? We often don’t try the very thing we dream of doing because fear or anxiety get in our way — the fear of failure, humiliation, rejection or imperfection. In this episode with Angie Lee and Anahata Ananda, they share about radical self-acceptance, what courageous living looks like and how to start today.

  • Facing your fears and living from your heart
  • Putting yourself out there and going ALL IN on the weirdness
  • Radical honesty and being authentic
  • Trading good for great
  • Transmuting judgement and haters into comedic inspiration
  • Making criticism your fuel, not your kryptonite
  • The expectation of mastery
  • Dealing with power dynamics in relationships
  • Intentional living and manifesting your dream life

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